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Reclaiming Scotia folks mainly gather at our Facebook page.

We’re also currently (March 2017) looking again at arranging socials, classes, rituals, etc., so keep your eyes on the Facebook page and this website.

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  1. Dear ‘Reclaiming Scotia’ Folk,

    I am a postgraduate research student in the Psychology Department at Strathclyde University, who is particularly interested in different kinds of spirituality, religion and belief and their relationship with how we see ourselves and the world around us, and am currently carrying out research in that area.. The project aims to find out more about how some people in Scotland think and feel about their religion and/or their spiritual beliefs, and what types of related memories they may have.

    As Pagans, you are being invited to take part as members of one of the two spiritual, faith or belief communities that we particularly want to include in this part of the study. We think that it may help us to understand more about your religion or spiritual community and about some aspects of the views, feelings and memories of its members. All contributions are anonymous, and will be treated with all the sensitivity and respect that such a personal and important topic deserves.

    Taking part, on-line, involves reading about what the survey is about, taking a moment or two ‘time out’, to think about it, and then writing about some particular kinds of memories, if you have them (it’s ok if you don’t). That can be as long or as short as you like. There is also a ‘multiple-choice’ type of questionnaire, that should take around ten minutes.

    If you would like to be involved, or just want to find out more, please go to:-

    Alternatively, you can contact me for further information, or to have a copy of the survey sent out to you, if you prefer, at:- or by telephone, on 0787-076-5195. I would be delighted to help in either case.

    If you are also able and willing to forward this on to other like-minded people, that would be much appreciated.

    The research has been granted approval by the Department of Psychology’s Ethics Committee, whose contact details are available on request.

    Best wishes,

    Kait Laughlin
    June, 2010.


    • reclaimingscotia

      August 12, 2010

      Hi Kait, sorry we didn’t get back to you on this. I hope your research is going well.

      xxoo flame


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