Getting together

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Hello all you lovely Witches and other Reclaiming-affiliated/-interested Pagan folk

There are now getting on for fifty of us across Scotland! I was wondering if it was time for us to get serious about meeting up?

There are getting on for 10 folks in/near Glasgow, 13 in/near Edinburgh, 11 in Dumfries & Galloway and 5 north of the central belt. Obviously, all of us meeting up at once will prove challenging. There is also the question of what we want by way of meetings.

Do we want to gather for:

– social get togethers

– knowledge and skill sharing

– esbats

– sabbats

– magical activism

or some combination of those?

And how often do we want to meet for each/any of those purposes?

Write your reply below, or go to our email list to join the conversation there.

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